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How You Can Save on Travel with Your Senior Discount

Part of retirement means getting to do what you’ve always wanted to but never had the time. For many seniors, this means going to places they’ve never been or spending more time with loved ones. Although, you now have the time, it may be difficult to spend money on travel when you’re on a fixed budget. Here you will find tips on using your senior discount so you can reduce travel expenses.

Always Ask for Your Senior Discount (and Don’t Forget to Shop Around!)

Whether you’re booking airfare, a cruise, a hotel, or rental car, always ask if you are eligible for a discount. Most places offer a senior discount but they don’t always advertise it. You may also find it helpful to comparison shop between different providers. In some instances, your discount may be 5-10% where in others, it may be substantially higher.

You can take advantage of discounts or lower fares if you travel in groups or in off-seasons. Traveling in groups can help you share major expenses like hotels and rental cars. You may also find it safer to travel in numbers, especially if you get lost or turned around in unfamiliar surroundings.

Travel during different times of the year will also make a significant difference in the expenses you incur. If you’re traveling during an unpopular time, like fall or winter, you will often pay a reduced rate while also experiencing fewer crowds. At the same time, you’ll likely spend more during the summer or holiday season. One important point to keep in mind is to ensure that the weather will be favorable depending on your destination.

Plan Ahead for the Best Travel Deals

In addition to asking for your senior discount as often as possible, you may find the best savings by simply planning ahead. Rates can fluctuate greatly from time to time and usually increase as popular travel times, like summer or the holidays, approach. Purchasing accommodations ahead of time can help you avoid those price hikes.

You can use a travel planning calculator to help you keep track of expenses or try signing up with an auto or travel club to save additional money. You can also follow tips from the U.S. Bureau of Consumer Affairs to help protect you while you travel.